Marketing is no longer about the Stuff you make 

A video play button on your website might be the most compelling call to action for your customer. We make it happen.

Video Might be the Most Important Communication Medium that we have.

From all the human sense, our vision might be the most relevant. We are visual being and because of that we are drawn to videos. Videos can do what sales copy and sales writing might be struggling with and that is show and create emotions, make the content understandable to everyone AND of course make it convenient. After all don’t we all prefer to rather watch a video vs. reading an article?

With videos you can simplify your message and make it understandable to everyone. Tokon Film Studio invests into helping you create leads, tell your brands story and to sell your product or services. Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but the stories you tell. 

A video play button on your website might be the most compelling call to action for your customers and we make it happen.

Services We Offer:

Video Shooting

Once we have determined your creative vision for your video we will go to work. We can help you to display your product through an enticing product video, introduce your service through an explainer video, shoot testimonials with your clients and customers or help you to create an E-Learning video course. Your choice.

Interactive Videos

We bring the latest technology to you for a reasonable price. Interactive videos are videos that let the viewer determine where to go next, what topic to watch next or to pick and chose. This technology makes it possible for you to have your customer go through a sales funnel that is highly individualized, personal and most of all specific to the customers/viewers needs. Our world today revolves around animated videos and our interactive videos make the perfect tool for your brand to interact with your customers.

Post-Production / Editing

What separates a good video from a great video is hidden in the details. Taking the time to find the matching music or jingle, supporting your footage with sound effects and sound design, blending scenes seamlessly into each other is all part of the editing craft. We are happy to edit your existing video footage that you provide or the footage that we shoot for you. Your choice.


You have an idea about creating an online course for YouTube, Zoom or any other social media but don't know how? Let us help you to put your course together. 

What We Can Shoot:

Short/Long Films, Documentaries, Corporate and Marketing Videos, Educational Videos, Training & Instructional Videos, Testimonial Videos, and we can help to create Online Courses. Covid-19 Update: Social distancing might requires that you and/or your business needs to offer live streaming. We can offer live streaming in the greater Sacramento area. Your live video feed can be delivered to Facebook YouTube live or Zoom.